How to remove a record from a list


I have a Database with a record that is a list, the items that are added to the record in that list come from another field in another table.

How do I do the workflow so that when I click a button on my page the item is deleted from that list without affecting the other table?


the workflow acts by deleting the record

And this is the table where the information is taken from


I know that putting "Make chanes to… Selecting the table and pressing remove, you can do it, but for whatever reason I can’t get it.

Just use remove in the make changes to a thing action for the list field.

I get here, but once here I don’t know how to continue or what I have to put


You just have to define which item (Grupos) you want to remove from the list.

As @adamhholmes has mentioned simply enter the expression to remove the thing you want.

If you are clicking a button from a repeating group, then it will probably be " current cell or parent groups Grupos"

The repeating group from which I delete is this one, which registers the users that are going to be in that group.
When I hit that X I need it to evaluate the Users database (which is where it gets the information for that repeating group) and delete the record from the table

Thank you, I have found the solution.

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By the way instead of :filtered use Search constraints wherever possible. Just better.