Deleting items from a list, in a repeatingGroup


I’m having a problem deleting items from a list, in a repeatingGroup.
I have 3 tables (ServicosStandard, ServicosProfLoja, ServicosExtras).

Each Record of the ServicosProfLoja table is composed of a field type of ServicosStandard,
and a list of ServicosExtras (** list of type ServicosExtras), etc.

On Screen (Serviços Disponiveis Em Loja)
I have a repeatingGroup of ServicosProfLoja and inside this I have a
repeatingGroup to display the list of ServicosExtras (**).

In the cells of the repeatingGroup of the list of ServicosExtras ()
I have a problem removing a item from the list of ServicosExtras (

As I can’t access the list of ServicosExtras () that is on ServicosProfLoja,
I can’t delete the item from the list of ServicosExtras (

I managed to delete it from the ServicosExtras table but not from the list of ServicosExtras ().
Doing this way it deletes the item from the table, and from the all the list of ServicosExtras (
That has this item.

Can Someone help me with this?
What am I doing wrong ?

One more questions that I am confused, in the bubble my list of ServicosExtras (**)
is a reference to a record from table of ServicosExtras. Yes?

Many Thanks

I believe instead of “make changes for a thing” which is usually reserved for “updates”, you’d simply change the workflow to “delete a thing”

Data --> Delete a thing --> select what that “thing” is (I believe in the inspector that pops up, it’s To Delete: Current Cell’s Servicos Extra").

Someone correct me if I’m wrong b/c I am super new to this.

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Hi I believe you want to remove an item from the list.

You can do this via a Workflow event to make a change to a thing, then select the List - them remove and the item you want to remove. See below an example of a shopping list and removing an item from the list



Hello Simon,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I think I explained myself badly,

Using your shopping list example, each user has a shopping list , and what I want is to show my users with their respective shopping list, and allowing them to delete some items from the shopping list .

The “way” I use to do this, is using a repeatingGroup inside other repeatingGroup.
(RepeatingGroup from Users and inside of each cell, I have a repeatingGroup from shopping List)

the problem is when I am on a repeatingGroup from the shopping list of items of each user, I can’t access to the user to remove items from their list

Can you help me on this?


Thank you for your suggestion, it doesn’t solve my problem above.

I’m new here but I think that, if you want manipulate a list, you need to make this with the option (make changes for a thing).

With your suggestion by “delete a thing” you remove a item from the table and not from the list.

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