How to remove blank space on Repeating Groups

Hi all! I have a repeating group which displays an image and some text. I’ve got a comment section which I would like to hide when there is no comments. I achieved this by creating a group inside of that repeating group and all is well (the group collapses) however now on my main Repeating group there is a blank space where this would have been taken up with the comment section. Please see photos attached. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks! :slight_smile:
With comment
Without comment

Did you collapse the group when hidden?

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Yes I did

There is definitely a reason why that gap is there, it just a matter of finding it.

My best advice would be to
a. check that the repeating group’s “min height of row” is not too high, this might be stopping the repeating groups row to collapse, despite there technically being space for it to do so.

b. check whether groups have a min height, its usually good to set this number to 0 and let it fit to contents unless there is a reason for it not to.

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Also check wether you have empty elements like a group, shape, input etc.

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Hi @krazitoast,

I would recommend setting the height of your group inside the repeating group to a min height of 0 and max height of inf (see attached screenshot)

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 00.31.23

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