[Solved]How to remove gap if repeating group does not have any data?

Basically I have multiple repeating groups on my page and when they don’t have any data they just look like white blank box, I want to reduce the size of them until data has been entered till they reach there maximum size?


Basically my groups and containers were all jumbled up, so basically groups can auto retract but that will not have if it has other groups inside it. So watch for that.

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Hey @ayushsharmamedia :slight_smile: You can place the Repeating Group inside of a Group, and then select “Collapse Height when hidden” in the Group’s property settings.

Then create a conditional statement on the Group, which is:

“When [inside repeating group’s]listof[X]s:count is 0”
–> This element is visible (unchecked)

That will hide the Group/inside Repeating Group when the Repeating Group has no results.

Hey it sort of worked, The main group itself disappeared which contained the title and stuff, but I can add it to another group.

The group below it did not come up and replace its place though. Any ideas?

Can you share a link to the editor? :slight_smile:

Sure PMing You.

You may need to filter your data at source, to remove the blank rows.

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