How do I get rid of the empty space in the repeating group

I seem to be stuck. I have set up a repeating group inside a group. the RG has a text element inside. it all looks good and works as I want except I can’t seem to take out the empty space between the text.

I have checked the spacing in the group, RG, and text. I have set the min height to 0 to fit content. I have made sure that there is no space after the text. I have the group that the RG is in a collapse when hidden.

I bet it’s something simple but I seem to be missing it.


I had this bug just today. Put in another repeatGrouo and transfer everything over. It worked for me.

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Oh, it’s (yet another) bug?

I was going to propose taking a look here:

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Yep it sounds like your issue is the min height of the rows, or something to the effect, it’s not an issue I’ve ever had and our app uses many complex nested rgs, groups etc.

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This was the issue. I have never changed that before.
Thank you for the quick response it worked perfectly!

I actually tried that. It didn’t work. Tried every combination I could think of, even turning of fixed numbers for both, nothing worked. And it didn’t happen once. It actually happened twice within the same project today. And the second time it happened, the height it had was well beyond the 100px default just by looking at it. I would have made a screen recording, but I was kind of engrossed with the fuzzy search plugin that was not working and this seemed like a trivial thing.

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