How to remove dotted border appearing around groups (bug?)

Hi all, occasionally I get this strange dotted border around basically every group I have. I thought it might be some debug feature in dev mode, but I’m seeing it in live too!

It only appears when I right click any subview within a group. The screenshot below shows the outline that appears when I right click the “Trending” title. To clarify, the dark gray border that appears above the “Trending” title, and to the left and right is not supposed to be there. Then it disappears again when I click anywhere else.

I’ve also disabled my groups as being non-clickable, but it makes no difference.

Does anybody have any ideas what this is, and how to make it go away?

This should help: What causes these ant lines?

Hope that helps :blush:


Thanks - I was able to hide with CSS

Thanks, I didn’t know it was an accessibility trait. IME on mobile, accessibility doesn’t come at the expense of non-accessibility UI, and is only activated in an accessibility mode.

Is there such a mode that can be activated in the browser, or do I lose all accessibility if I disable it via the outline:none !important; solution?

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