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Strange border artifact

Has anyone noticed this issue on mobile phones … when you click on a text link or image, you see the border.

Here’s an example, my Bubble page has a link:

Screenshot 2022-02-02 111220

When viewed on a mobile, you see the border when link is clicked. How can we get rid of this?

You can use some CSS to remove them - there are several posts about this in the forum:

What causes these ant lines? - Need help / App Organization - Bubble Forum

How to remove dotted border appearing around groups (bug?) - Need help - Bubble Forum

Removing selection dots - Need help - Bubble Forum

Thank you, I didn’t see these posts so I’ll have a read.

This was the most useful post Removing selection dots - #8

This is the solution;

* {
outline:none !important;

I installed CSS Tools but can not see how to add the required CSS to the whole site globally? I am unable to comment on the thread above as it’s closed. Any help appreciated.