How to remove '/index' from page url?

Whenever my site is loaded, ‘/index’ appears in the url. I have not seen this behavior with other bubble apps. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


I experienced this a while back and never did get it working the way I’d like. I was told to submit a bug report (Removing "index" from URL when workflow navigates to index page)

Since this is happening in your app as well, please submit a bug report that’s the only way we can make it a known issue in multiple apps and hope for a fix to be applied by the Bubble team.

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I submitted a bug report. Now hoping that they can resolve the issue.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for submitting the report. This isn’t a bug. It is done by design, because the page has a thing, so we need to keep index to know index is the page, the unique id comes after. Otherwise, we would not be able to know if ‘’ is page uuid or the index page with the thing ‘uuid’.


In case it’s not clear what @DavidS is saying with respect to how to fix this: Your index page should not have a data type. (If your index page does have a data type, this is how the URL will show when the page’s thing is not empty.)

If your index page is designed to display info about some type of thing (I’m guessing your page object type is currently “User”, yeah?):

  1. make the page object’s “type of content” empty
  2. put your elements that are depending on the thing (e.g., User) inside of a group. Give that group the data type you desire instead. Set its Data Source as appropriate.

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