Removing "index" from URL when workflow navigates to index page

Right now, when a workflow function runs that sends a user back to the index page (/) the URL appends /index. This seems like the incorrect behavior, adding unnecessary length to the URL and makes the address less readable for some people. For instance, if I am on the home page with debugger on: and link from any other page back to the index page it becomes – the same is true if the debugger is off. My home page has a data type assigned to it and when people are redirected back to the home page it becomes

For any other page it makes since to append to the URL because that’s how the internet works, but I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the home page being located at /index or requiring the mentioning of the word /index in order to load the root home page.

We have some logic to prevent this from happening, so can you file a bug report?

Will do. Thank you.