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How to rename files when saved to S3

Does anyone know how to rename files when saved to S3?

I haven’t been able to figure it out or find any documentation for it.

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This may be a feature that is only available on certain plans?

I would reach out to Bubble support if no users have a solid answer. I haven’t found a way yet either.

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hidden gem…


Thanks guys :grinning:

@boston85719 I am already on Pro plan and contacted support. Will try again today. I used the same approach but it didn’t work for me. Can you try if it changes the name of file in file manager for you?

I tried and did not see any change to the file name in the file manager, or in the file URL

I agree with you. Same here :upside_down_face:

I think you have to always include file type as in name.svg, name.png etc

unfortunately you have to use regex to make dynamic text work (or am I missing something obvious?)

Regex: .[0-9a-z]+$ That will get you the file extension - works in safari

1 Like I just tried that on Safari as well. It doesn’t change the name for me. :frowning_face:
I used a png file and gave every uploaded png file a static name of ‘sumit.png’. Nothing changed in file manager.

Can you check the file manager that the name of Image/url is getting changed? If yes, I’d appreciate more info on how are you doing it.

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This works well for extracting the extension though. Thanks for sharing this :grinning:


I promise it did work for me just a sec ago :stuck_out_tongue: and now nothing works…

Bug report time :tada:


No worries. Thanks for to helping out and regex :grinning:

So bubble added the ability to rename files but there’s no documentation on how to do so? Frustrating! @josh

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This appears like it should work, but the file name doesn’t change.

HAs anyone figured this out?


It only works with files generated via external API. I know this after 13 emails to Bubble. Hope it helps



Thanks for this information.

I wonder why that would be the case? The action is available in the workflow for uploading a file.

I wonder why when they said they added this feature they didn’t provide any documentation on how to accomplish it.

I wonder why it took 13 emails for them to get around to telling you the feature’s limitation?


Eu perdi 2 semanas da minha vida nisso. hahah

I created an API call in the app, then call that using the API connector (aka calling the original app). I get the file that way, but renaming does not seem to bite:

What am I missing?

Best, Peter

Not really sure. Looks correct setting.

Have you tried removing the .txt extension.

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I did, and I tested using the same extension as the original file. No luck. :disappointed:

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