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Saving to S3 - The option to set the name doesn't work

Hi !
I’m trying to fetch a PDF file from a url and save it on Bubble’s S3 storage in order to send it as an attachment.
I’ve built an API call that fetches the file and that works perfectly:

I then try to save it to Bubble’s S3 storage using a create thing action and :savedToS3 and set the file name:

The result is this:

The file gets saved with the wrong filename and extension…

Can someone help ?

When you initialized the call, you seen the results like file name, file, date and other fields with there types . Have you changed the file type to file? or it was of type text and you saved it and now converting text to saved as S3

Did you ever find the solution to this? Running into the same problem here!

Sorry but no, I did not.
I ended up using an external service to save the files.

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