How to require a minimum # of chars for a text Input?

How to require a minimum # of chars for a text Input?

You can put a condition on whatever workflow you’re running, to only run when the input’s min characters has been input.

Otherwise, you can show an error, change the colour of the input border, refocus the input, etc.

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I should have been more precise…

I would like the input field to be invalid when the entry is too short.

Is that possible?

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Use :number of characters operator.

Thank you. I understand how to set that condition.

Then, how do I invalidate the field with that condition is true?

what do you mean by ‘invalidate’? Block user from saving things → disable button when condition above is true.

Like when bubble automatically enforces required inputs (with a red border) after attempting a workflow with uses the input.

It has marked those fields internally as invalid (I assume).

I am trying to recreate that automatic handling based on minimum length.

You can’t change what Bubble counts as invalid (as in this input value isn’t valid)…

but you can achieve the exact same thing using the method outlined in the replies in this thread. (just use your own custom state instead of the built in ‘isn’t valid’)

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