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Trying to control the minimum characters for a field

Hi All,
I have a input field for mobile number. And I want to control the minimum characters for it and it should be dynamic control.
Meaning if the minimum is 8, the user must key in 8 characters for the mobile number.

Hope it is clear enough. Appreciate some assistance. Thanks!

Hi @yelston,

You can do this with :numberofcharacters operator.

You should check your dynamic input value and your number’s length. You can determine your number’s length with using :numberofcharacters operator.

I created a quick demo for you.

Also, I recommend you to download this Free template to browse the editor and to see how operators used with examples.


@batuhanmerguz Thanks alot! this is really helpful~

I guess previously the ::number of characters operator didn’t show up under suggestions due to different data type (text)

Thank you!