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Invalid Inputs are getting saved

I have lot many input fields which re not behaving properly.
I have one field which i set input content format as Integer and minimum value as 1000. But when my submit button workflow triggers it is accepting negative values, values with decimal and also values lower than 1000.

I guess when workflow triggers it should not accept non valid inputs.

This was working fine before today. Let me know if there is any structural changes in how conditioning works in bubble.

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i’ve noticed a similar issue where forms are not validating input based on the given constraints, e.g. blank fields are being allowed when they shouldn’t. this is a recent occurrence, but i was holding back my shout until i investigated more closely what was going on. so just adding my voice to this in case it helps to identify a trend.

Are you able to recreate this in the forum app ? Must admit I can’t replicate.