How to reset radio buttons?

How can I reset the radio buttons after a choice has been made?

Hi @Makks :wave:
You can wrap the radio buttons in a group
Then once choice has been made you reset the group
For example:-
Screenshot 2022-08-27 at 16.54.50

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I did but it doesn’t solve what I need to do;

When the page is loaded if there is a previous database saved state of the buttons the app loads the value, so with a reset I can only go back to the saved state, but I need it to go to an empty state, that will later be saved to the database if the user decides so.

If I change the db entry when reset is it but user doesn’t save it should not change db entry, so this leads me to a complicate solution that I can probably find but I was hoping for a simple 'set radio buttons empty" or something.

@Makks Well this seems complicated
Sorry if i misunderstood,
If you are displaying state value in radio buttons
Then you can do something like this (Make sure “state” doesn’t have any default value)

I’m trying but it’s overly complicated for something that probably shouldn’t

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In order to that, the data base from the radio buttons should be a data field for the user, that way the users won’t see the options selected be previous users

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