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Reset input value of an inside Group

I am struggling to find a way to clean the data of an inside group when the state of a button is changed.
So in my appI have button that will unrolled inside group like the following :
So if I select elements in the inside group

I would like to unselect them and clear all the input that have been fill in this group if the user change his mindan decide to click on an other element.

the problem is I don4t know how to reset the element (clean fields, unselect button, unselect checkbox,… when the button state of the parent of the group is changing)

I know I could do it for each element on each button but change set element by element would lead mee to almost 200 differents possibilities… so i am looking for an other approach
Do anyone know hw to do that ?

is there a way for example to create a new data = input value ONLY IF THIS BUTTON button state is …

thank you in advance for your help

In the workflow tab for element there is reset data and reset fields. That might help?

@jarrad thank you for your feedback, but reset input only reset the "input field"and to reset data you need to create one… and i dont create my data before the user finish to fill all the infos…
so both of these elements are useless in my case … ><

I thought the reset data would have also reset the state, but looking at it your right… sorry! maybe reset state with a multiple scope could be a good request from the bubble team…

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