How to resolve when repeating group is invisible

Repeating group is invisible dont know how to resolve.

look for it on the left hand elements tree. there is a checkbox for display hidden elements

i like to name the hidden elements with a " / hidden" so i can quickly find them

Yes i checked in elements tree but i didnt found the issue there.
It is visible there (element is visible)

sounds like youll just have to use the “search for element” dropdown and search for it.

The element is visible.

click on appearence for the RG. doesnt look like you are loading any data in

is “all reports OS” a state? where are you doing the search?

do you have any reports in the database?

not sure why its not visible. sometiems ive had to just delete an element and start over

even i did the same for thrice but the response is still same

if you give acess to editor i can take closer look

thank you for answers.

Please share the screenshot of text element and Group properties if the issue is not resolved yet. Text element must show current cell’s option sets display.

he has a few pics above. the entire repeating group isnt visible like its not loading any of the option sets

Yes but no pic of text element and group element. Sometimes there might be some mistakes.

The text inside group inside Repeating group.

This will be the repeating group.

This will be the group inside a repeating group