Anyone else's barebones repeating group not showing any content?

All I have done is drop a new repeating group with a text element and none of its contents is showing idk why it makes absolutely no sense to me no conditions or anything else

Have you got any element inside the repeating group ready to display the data?

If yes then please check privacy rules are in place causing the problem.

Or even sometimes we forget to set the data source.

There might some other reasons as well.

Please do not forget to check the debugger.

Also check if you’ve chosen a data source.

I’ve got just a basic text element

no privacy rules on my data source

and here it is not showing its contents in a preview

no conditions on either the text element or rep group

I think text element is not dynamic but not sure as I can’t see the properties setup.

Can you please share the screenshot of the setup of repeating group? And the text element properties as well.

I have not changed anything about the repeating group besides inserting a text element and changing its text content

I can see that the data source is not set up in repeating group.

doesn’t seem to work anywhere else in my app

Please select a data source

Ok I see I didn’t know that was mandatory thank you!

A repeating group displays lists of things, either coming from the application database or from APIs. Design the first cell, and the remaining cells will follow that design.

RG needs a data source if you’d like to display something there. All elements that are added to the RG cell (in your case - text element)l will be visible only if you will have something to show there (it other terms - if the search result is not empty).

Another example - you can add a trash icon in a cell (to delete a thing displayed in RG cell). The behaviour is the same - you will see that icon only when RG will have > 0 results. If the list is empty - you will see nothing.

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