How to restore my old bubbleio code from live app?

My live app is working, but the current dev environment for app has changed and it doesn’t work.
There are no commits from the developers. So I cannot go back to stage where everything was working.
I want to retrieve code of my app from the live app. How can I do that?

Thank you for the support.

If you go to the version control sidebar, and then click the arrow in the top right, is there no ‘Sync with Live’ option?

Hello George,
Thank you for replying. I can’t locate this option. Is it available in only premium or in all live apps?

See I’ve always assumed it’s in all plans for good reason, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s definitely on the starter plan at least. What are you on?

I am on the personal plan.
I checked the documentation and they don’t give any indication regarding where to look for this option.

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