How To Retrieve A List Of Stripe Invoices Like Bubble Displays?

What plugin is doing this?

How is it setup exactly?

I see ’ Stripe Get Data - Invoices - Get A List’s “data” ’ but doesn’t call anything.

I am pretty sure this is what’s going on:

Bubble setup custom webhooks in their Stripe dashboard (sidebar -> API -> Webhooks)

When an invoice/charge webhook fires on Stripe’s end, Bubble’s API is notified and Bubble workflows generate both versions of the invoice.

The Invoice database object can be loaded via the /invoice page ( just like a normal Bubble app

…and the PDF (which could be generated by a plugin) is stored as a private file (

There are a handful of PDF generation plugins available, I haven’t used any of them personally.

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Is this how it currently functions @emmanuel or is it using a plugin in some way?

Trying to figure out how to pull the customer invoices in to Bubble. I’ve checked the bubble sample app but it shows all pages but the Account page in the editor.

Have you looked into Stripe webhooks? Setting up a public endpoint API workflow in Bubble is as straightforward as giving it a name (in my case stripe_platform_event_invoice_created) and copying all the data that the incoming request body contains into your own data type (invoice):

In Stripe you will need to set up webhooks for all actions you want to receive notifications for in your Bubble app, here is the one for the “invoice.created” Stripe event:

Every time an invoice is generated, a copy is stored in a Bubble app. Since I save the invoice ID in Bubble, I can use that later on to pull in invoice data manually or even to POST/PATCH edits to Stripe from Bubble (marking invoice as paid/unpaid, etc).

I’d be curious to know as well. For my purposes, even an image/page-capture in png of a bubble page would suffice.

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