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[Plugin Announcement]: Get Stripe invoice pdf file

Happy to share with you this new plugin which lets you upload Stripe pdf invoices into your app with backend workflows !
This means that the pdf files will be available inside your Bubble app, and you can then do whatever you want with it (show it to your customers, automatically send it in an email to your accountant etc…) !

Example of my own use case: I needed to automatically send Stripe’s pdf monthly invoices from my other Bubble plugin : (Bubble pdf creation plugin) to my accountant’s system.
So I have set up a webhook in Stripe, listening to the “invoice_payment.succeeded” event, then created an API workflow to receive this webhook call in my Bubble app with just 3 steps :

  1. retrieve the invoice URL from Stripe
  2. retrieve the pdf file with the present plugin
  3. send the invoice pdf file as attachement in email to my accountant
    And that’s it!

How does it work ? Just watch this short video : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Want to know more ?
Have a look at the demo app and editor

Want the plugin ?
Here is the link :



You are a genius!!

But… I have a marketplace with Stripe Connect, and when I capture a paiement, stripe doesn’t generate a invoices (just a receipt). Why?
I would like to have an invoice to send to my customer…

Mickael (French if you want)

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Hi @mick.bourgois , many thanks for your message ! Usually Stripe always creates invoices (invoice object and pdf invoice) + receipt for each payment.
But as you are working with Stripe Connect, the invoices can be attached to the connected accounts instead of directly attached to your platform.

I suggest that we discuss your question over a video call : you can book a slot in my Calendly : Calendly - docMaker

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