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Hi Everyone!

Relatively new to Bubble and I’m in the process of building my first app. I’ve got some integration with Stripe and I would like to be able to give the users the ability to download their invoice’s PDF. From what I’ve seen, none of the Stripe plugins have this capability however when I look in the API there is a field for the invoice PDF link. I’m just having some trouble getting this working and was hoping someone has already implemented this in their app or can point me in the right direction. Thanks everyone!

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It is simple once you get some familiarity with using Bubble’s API Connector. Have you tried making a successful POST to Stripe using a tool like Postman? Once you get your API call to work using Postman, you literally copy/paste the setup over into Bubble.

When you create an invoice (POST to https://api.stripe.com/v1/invoices), the response should contain a invoice_pdf object with the url (see below). If the invoice has not been frozen yet, the url will not exist.

"invoice_pdf": "https://pay.stripe.com/invoice/invst_6pCDr1HOpRC8d9vt3OAy0QsSff/pdf",

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Thank you for your help! Definitely pointed me in the right direction and I managed to get this working :slight_smile:

For anyone who’s wondering, this is what i did:


Hi Guys
very interesting , could I know why you picked up stripe ?
is it because its the cheapest service for that goal…or because its easier to set up ?
…or else ?
(…Willing to use such service too)

thanks for shring your experiences…