How to retrieve last month's records by comparing creation date to current date/time

Hello Bubblers,

I have been trying to write an expression to just return the count of items created a month ago by comparing it to the current date/time but it’s not returning the correct result to me.

Can someone please show me how to retrieve records created last month? Let’s assume we created those records in April and now in May, we want to get only records for April.

Thanks guys.

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Created date ≥ current date/time rounded down to month +(months) -1

Created date < current date/time rounded down to month


Hey @adamhholmes,

Thanks that helped but what if I want to do this within the “:filtered” function as I want to for each user. I don’t get that “:rounded down to months” option. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. :man_shrugging:t4:


I don’t understand…

Why would you use an advanced filter for that? (That’s just a basic constraint)

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Hmm… That’s a good question.

I guess I’m getting things mixed up…

Does “:round down to a month” return just one month?

Yep… I was wrong…

Thanks for the solution, @adamhholmes :handshake:🏼

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