How to reuse a popup for multiple data types?

Hi Bubble Community,

An app has a popup that receives data, user clicks a button to make some changes. These changes will be done on multiple data types.

In an attempt to reduce popups and elements on a page, how is it possible to reuse the same popup (maybe with different WF’s for each datatype) to do the same actions with multiple data types (instead of creating multiple popups?

Thank you!

Use multiple container groups each of a different data type inside the popup. When you send data send it conditionally to the appropriate group and make that the visible one (all are hidden).

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I would use a lot of Custom States so that the various groups of elements that reside in the one popup will show/hide based on the value in the state. In this way you can use just one popup but it could display a whole variety of different things all conditional depending upon what’s in the State.

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