Reusable Workflows for CRUD Across Multiple Datatypes

Hello, I’m reaching out to see if there are Bubble features or extensions that would allow me to solve the below problem that I haven’t been able to figure out.

The application I’m building has many data types. For each type, I need to allow users to perform the same basic CRUD operations on their stored data for the type. The UI is pretty straightforward and quick and easy to configure for each data type (repeating group, buttons, icons) but I foresee building the required workflows for each being especially time consuming. Each require the below listed 7 workflows and I haven’t yet found a way to reuse these workflows across different data types.

  • 3 workflows for “Create” - open pop up, cancel submission, submit submission
  • 3 workflows for “Update” - same 3 as previous
  • 1 workflow for “Delete”

Is there a way to reuse / templatize these workflows (and/or the UI designs too) so that I can expedite development across many different data types?

Appreciate any and all help!

I’d love to hear options on this too.

I’ve not seen a way for Bubble to handle “generic objects”. So the only way I’ve been able to accomplish this is via a lot of duplication on the reusable side. Sure you build it once and replicate it a bunch of times, but maintenance is tough if you need to make even simple changes across all types.

Sure hope someone has good answers for this!

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Definitely not an ideal solution for many reasons but one workaround I realized I may be able to do here is combine all of the data into a single “data type” and use a field to designate which “type” it is. This design has many obvious drawbacks but it may make sense for my use case with many data types, only a few fields within each type and few variances (in UI design and workflow) across the data types.

Ah, yeah. Not a bad option if it makes sense. Now you’re making me wonder if I should have done something like that too for my situation. Very similar. >laugh<

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