How to use different data types in reusable popup

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I have to send messages to users but I have 2 options to select them. One from the class where I can send email to all participants from Class, another - from Participants tab where I can select participants not related to classes.

For both cases one popup can be used. So I did it as a reusable element but I stuck with a problem that Popup can have only one data type - Class or user

Have you experimented with utilizing state within the popup? For instance, employing separate states for a user list and class information. Upon triggering the show event, you can then assign the appropriate states to the popup.

You can put a custom state on the reusable element like @ItsJustBusiness suggested, set the value from the outside of the reusable, then inside the reusable you can read that value.

But coming very soon (maybe tomorrow, not sure if I’m allowed to say that) is the ability to essentially add multiple datatypes to reusables

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