How to run javascript in Bubble - Front End

For those interested in using some javascript in their Bubble application, I have recorded a simple video that shows how to use the “run javascript” and “javascript to bubble” elements from the Toolbox plugin to achieve this.

This adds a lot of power to your Bubble application!

Please let me know if you find it useful!

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Please tell me why would we need this? I dont get it. I can build apps without it, what java can bring me better for my app? Can java make it faster? Can java let me build custom animations or what?

@igor.tad There are limitations in the no-code, Sometimes we need to add custom code, to achieve some goals that are not possible with simple nocode. thus it’s vital to know how to add custom code.

you don’t need to be a coder, to add custom code. just create your code with Gemini or ChatGPT. and integrate it. but you do need to know a bit about how code language ( JavaScript) works.

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I always say you can build 95% of things in Bubble without using code, and I always recommend against it if possible.

Occasionally, you need to use some code, or it is more efficient to use javascript to address certain use cases that can arise in your app, so it can be useful to know how.


Great point, with ChatGPT you often don’t need to know how to code. If you can read and understand code then GPT can often handle the heavy lifting for you

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The internet isn’t some magical place built on dreams and clouds. It’s built on code. And since there’s not enough coders working at Bubble to predict every single thing that somebody would want to ever include in their app and then build that in a super flexible way, they’ve allowed people to build custom coded plug-ins to support those edge cases that they haven’t been able to support themselves yet.


@jared.gibb you’re my knight in shining armor

When you say you can do anything with some java. You mean really anything I imagine but cant with bubble??? Can I make custom animations appearing where I want on the screen? Im building game in bubble, can you tell me what can toolbox help me?

I’ve seen your app a few times. It’s appealing, but still needs a lot of work on the design portion. JS can change the way your app behaves and looks entirely.

With Bubble itself there are limitations to as far as what you can do.

Animations, data, containers, whatever.

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True, I’ve had to use JS several times.

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Question: Ho do you get the duration of an audio file in seconds using just native bubble? See?
That’s just one of many natively impossible scenario

When state play is yes play audio

play yes, pause x sec, than play no


That’s not the way to go.