How to run my API workflow at the beginning of every month?

Hi all,

I have this column called “monthly number of apples”. Each user has a different number.

I created an API workflow that sets monthly_number of_apples = 0, but its scheduled date is the current date/time. I had to create an admin page with a button that triggers this API workflow.

Is there any way to schedule it in a way this API workflow is triggered automatically when the month ends or a new month begins so that I don’t have to push that button every time I wanna run it?

Thanks in advance.

Just schedule it to run recursively, on the first day of every month.

Or use a recurring event.

+month 1 > Change date to 1

You might want to manipulate the Hours, minutes and seconds

I tried, but it won’t let me, when I select Users database, I get error telling that it is supposed to be a user but I selected the list of users.

how do I make it reoccurring?

I’m not sure I follow…

The scheduling has nothing to do with what the workflow does. It’s just when it will run.

Just schedule it to run on the first of the next month month, and run it recursively at monthly intervals.

i.e. the current date/time: rounded down to month: plus 1 month.

Does it has to be another API workflow scheduling my main API workflow with a scheduled date like you mentioned?


can you show me an example how to do it? :slight_smile:

If you’re not familiar with using recursive workflows in Bubble, I’d start here:

Recursive API workflows | Bubble Docs

thanks, will give it a try

I’ll follow @adamhholmes’s approach and suggest learning through the documentation to avoid further confusion.

For your implementation, consider setting up recurring triggers on the backend, allowing Bubble to manage rescheduling for you.

Thanks, It worked.

I created another API workflow, Inside: I 1st scheduled my Main API workflow, and then I scheduled this workflow itself with scheduled date/time +minutes:1 and it has been working I a loop with 1-minute intervals.

Can you suggest me a way to turn this 1 minute interval into a month so that it runs at the beginning of the new month?

Thanks @nocodeventure , Scheduling for Current date/time:rounded down to month + months:1 did the job.

Every 1st of the month for how long you need it??? I would schedule 5 years in advance just go to website find some date to date day counter and make 60 schedules right now with specified exact days and VIOLA!

@igor.tad I wouldn’t trust bubbles scheduling system that much on core parts of my app to do a full 5 years.

But months have different count of days? Would it schedule it exact 30 days after or same day of the month every month?

+months 1 increments the month by 1

If its 31 january and icrement is +months 1 , would it be 31 february or 3rd march???

31st January + months: 1 = 29th February (the last day of Feb)

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