How to save audio in .mp3 instead of .wav?

I am using Audio Recorder and Visualizer plugin by bubble.

It works perfect for my needs however it is saving in .WAV file which makes the file size bigger.

How can I save it instead in .mp3 so I can save storage and its easier to process for an API call I am using.

Thank you for the advice!

Hello @rccanlas Welcome to the community!

I am not sure that there is a plugin that does this conversion. If you find one do share it please.

An alternative would be to send it to an external API service for conversion.

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I did find a similar plugin:
Audio Recorder & Visualizer Plugin | Bubble
It works well on desktop but some issues on mobile.

I am in talks with the dev hoping to get a patch for it.

Thanks for your recommendation using API.
Do you happen to know one?

Not one myself. I would imagine that it would not be hard to find a few to test and see.

What’s this bigger picture?

Why do you record audio and what’s the expected result?

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