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How to save files from upload files button?

So I want to save the files on the database that are upoloaded using the file upload button and then display them later in the web app. How can this be achieved ?

So for the first part, you just save it as a “file” in Bubble.

Displaying them later … really depends on what type of file you are uploading. What are you trying to achieve ?

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well once the file is uploaded I want the user to see it after getting saved in the database.

Just the name of the file, or a preview ? If it is a preview … what sort of file ? Image, text, Word Document ?

A preview. And type of file can be anything i.e. word document/pdf/image or all the type of files that bubble supports,

“anything” is going to be somewhat tricky.

I don’t know of any Bubble plugin that will currently preview any file.

Might be possible with some javascript fiddling however…