How to save Image URL to s3

Is there a way to save the URL of an image from an API call to S3? I tried using the add:s3 but it didn’t work.

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@linhduynguyen You can save the url to a text field. No s3 required unless you are saving the file itself to s3 for which your setup looks correct.

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Although there is an issue with the URL on S3.

It pulls across as //amazonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Instead of https://amazonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Which can be annoying if you are sending it to service that like a well formed URL.

Im not exactly sure what you mean. So it can’t be done?

As neerja said, it depends on what you are wanting to do.

If you have the URL of an external image you can …

Save the URL in a text field.
Save the image into S3 (which is what you have done above)
Save the image into S3 and also save the URL of the S3 image

So the question is … do you want to copy the image to “internal” storage or just link ?

I want to do option 2/3. The method I have done above doesn’t work. If you dont mind, here’s a test app.

Yeah, so the problem is the same as with S3 … it is missing the https:

If you look in the log you will see the error when you try to save to S3 - invalid URI

So I have created a hideous three step workaround … save the image from the API … save the image to S3 by appending https: and then save the URL or the S3

I think you should be able to do the first two steps in one.


Thank you, NigelG, it works. I wonder why they dont come with https:?

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Some sort of URN vs URL thing no doubt.

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Hey can one help me with this I have a database of about 5000 products with name and their URLs.

The images are currently being fetched through an API call the URL looks like this name)/256

What I want to do is instead of adding the URL directly for the images I want to store the images in bubble first and then display it.
Is there a way to do that so all the images related to their product are saved?