Importing CSV data to bubble - Image URL

I have had a dig around but can’t seem to find a solution.

Im trying to import App Data via CSV upload (Bubble backend) and one of the columns is an image. The full source URL is present (currently a feed with image on another server).

Im trying to save the image to S3 upon importing it but its simply storing the URL in the database. (Thumbnail appears and works correctly as image)

This is expected behaviour, I don’t see any options currently to have it saved in S3, not read from source. I tried appending the URL with “:saved to S3” as a long shot but that didn’t work.

Is there actually a way to do this as easily as I’m expecting/hoping?

Or I do I need to run the import and then create some sort of workflow that fetches the image from the URL and pushes it to S3 storage/updates db?


Upload the URL.

The run an API workflow on the data to store on S3.

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Thanks @NigelG

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing an easier way!

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@dan8: Did you get this figured out? I’m trying to create a workflow to move images stored on an external URL to Amazon S3.

This is what I’m trying, but it’s not doing anything:


Any ideas?

Hello @John_Notgrass,

Yes from memory I did something very similar. It was on around 30k records and I did a condition similar as to not repeat because it failed after so long. So by pressing it again, it would continue.

If it’s not doing anything, increase constraints so you can pinpoint it to 1 record and test until the workflow is saving.

Got it working, @dan8! Thank you for assuring me that I wasn’t beating my head against an immovable wall. :crazy_face:

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