Can't find "Saved to S3" option

I can’t seem to get the “saved to S3” option to show up in my editor when trying to save images in “create new thing” workflows. Do I need to install a plugin or enable something? I’m just trying to save the URL in an input field as an image, but I can’t find any “saved to S3” option. Any hints?


I had this problem too and solved it. In short, don’t save your URL as a text, save it as an Image or File. Then you can extract the URL and save it to bubble’s S3.


Image = TextURL

Problem is the “saved to s3” only shows up for an image/file field.


Image = ImageURL

Then the “saved to S3” will show up.

Hope that helps.

Check out example here Application courtesy of Create bulk workflow to save list of images from pexels to s3 - #2 by NigelG

Hi @tony1 @taylorhlabs, I’m running into the same issue where I’m trying to save a URL using S3 option, but it won’t show up in the pull down list (in the “create new thing” workflows).

I verified that my thing field type is “image”, and even tried changing it to “file” to see if that helped, but didn’t make a difference.

Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Figured it out!

For anyone running into this, here’s what I did.

Before using “:saved to S3” I needed to select “:used as…” then choose Image, then the “:saved to S3” option appeared in the list.

So when creating the new thing in my workflow, it looked like this:
Image = Result of Step 1 (API call)'s data:first item's url:used as an image:saved to S3



Thank you ! I was going in circles trying to figure out that :saved to S3 issue.

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