How to save results of API Call?

Hey Guys,

I have created a thing with a field of data type “POST Tracking Data” This type is a result of an API call in a plugin.

Now how do i save data to it? The workflow editor gives me an error. See below

This is the Thing

This is where i make the call and create a thing in is of the same type

Hey guys. Anyone else facing this or is it just me?

Can you show what the error is?

What you show looks correct, but clicking the “More” should show the API call’s captured fields. Because it shows blank, it suggests the API call didn’t get initialised with a sample set of result data.

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Makes me wonder if it thinks it is a list or something list that. But the error will tell you.

You can certainly save “single” results to a thing field with the type from the API call (I do it with Google Places).

Hey Guys,

I remembered that I faced a similar situation with another plugin earlier. So what I ended up doing is removing the whole call and publishing a new version of the plugin and then adding it again under a different name.

The problem seems to start when I duplicate a call in the plugin editor. So if anyone else faces a similar problem remember to delete publish and add again!