Saving Api results

Hey guys. Newby question. How the heck do I save Api results.
I can retrieve the data, but I can’t get it right save the results. I.e.

  • Must the thing be a list or nor?

  • All the records saves in one single row. It doesn’t add a row for each record

@raymond1 You can do this with a ‘create a new thing action’. Since external API returns a list, using an API workflow with a parameter for one item on the list at a time should do it. Here is a webinar that walks you through a similar example.

Thanks @neerja I’ll have a look at the webinar
When you say one item on a list, does it mean I must run a workflow for each item?

@raymond1 API workflows will automate it for you and run the create new thing action on each item on the list individually