Save an API List

Hey everybody…

I’m making a Post call (API Connector) to an external API and getting the following array/ list as a response:

I then have a button that will save that result to the Data Base. But here is how it looks like…

Instead having each item of the list a separate row I’m actually getting all the results in the same row.

What should I do?


Create another API Workflow. Let’s just call it “create” as an example. The only action you need to add to “create” is the “Create A New Thing” action.

Now, for your current API Workflow (let’s call it “data”). The only action you should have here is “Schedule an API Workflow on a list”. Select the “create” API Workflow we just created. The list will the text list you got from the API Connector.

Does this make sense?

@dbevan - tks for the help but things are not working as I expected.

So… I setup like you said my “data” Workflow calling the Schedule Workflow API. The only thing that I did different it was adding a first step that would call the API and save the data so the Schedule Workflow would work on that data.

Step 1 - Create a new Thing

Step 2 - Call the Scheduled Workflow

Please notice that on Step 2 the “List to run on” is actually a search on the data thatI recorded on the first step. For my Parameter “app_name” I’m getting the “First Item” from the “Result of Step 1”

Step 3 - Scheduled Workflow Setup
Now I’m creating a new Thing with my Parameter “app_name” from Step 2

Step 4 - Result
As you can see I’m not getting each item list on its individual row. Rather I’m duplicating the entries

Any ideas?

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Almost! In the Schedule an API Workflow on List action, change the following:

Type of things = text
List to run on = result of step 1’s application name (because this is a list value)
app_name = “this text”

Try that. The API Endpoint will run for each text item in the list, therefore creating a separate Beanstalk for each text.

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@romanmg tks Gaby!!!

But… when I tried to change my “List to run on” to Result of step 1’s application name I get this loop (see the print)…

I’m adding “Resulto of Step 1” and “Application Name” but I still get that yellow and then red text.

Change “Type of things” from Beanstalk to text… it’s because it’s looking for a value that is a list of Beanstalks. Your list will be a list of texts, so you need to define the Type of that list as a text. Right above the expression in your screenshot.

@romanmg tks Gaby… but still no good.

Step 1: Did all the changes you mentioned

Step 2: Result

Am I doing something wrong on my endpoint configuration?

Would you mind sharing your editor link? I would also change Application_Name to a single text rather than a list of texts, but even with the list type, there should only be one name added and you should have multiple records, one for each text.

@romanmg the collaboration feature isn’t for professional plans only? Mine is Personal

If you’re ok with setting application rights to Everyone Can Edit (Settings > General), I’ll be able to take a look. Your app doesn’t need to be on a higher plan. You can send it in PM too.


Few things… don’t bother the 2 Recurring Groups that I have there… I’m working with that as a plan B. Basicaly the text “Elastic Beanstalk” title is where everything is setup. The page that I’m working is “dashboard_beanstalk”


Ok fixed. There were a few things:

  1. You have 2 (what looks like) identical API calls. I’m not sure if one of them was modified somehow, but the response’s “Applications” field wasn’t registering as a list of texts. It was coming through as one string, so I removed and re-added that call to your original workflow on the dashboard page and it’s reading it as a list of texts now.

  2. When you first “Create Beanstalk” on the page, you needed to use “Add List” not “Add” in order to add multiple items to the list value. Before, it was only adding a single value (the entire list) as a single text, so that’s why the API Workflow was only running once and putting everything in the same field.

  3. I added a Test button so you can see how it could work with a direct API trigger from the API call without needed to create a Thing first.

Try it out.


@romanmg Thank you so much!!!

About the 2 API calls I tried to do that as a quick “fix” using one as ACTION and the other as DATA.

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Hey @romanmg, sorry to tag you but I’m struggling with a somewhat similar problem over here:

If you have any guidance on the overall solution / approach as detailed in the first post that would be great but I’m now struggling with the “type of thing” options in the “Schedule API Workflow on a List” as my API Call doesn’t seem to be present…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.