How To Search A Different Thing Type Within The Result Of A Search?

I’m trying to search against the result of a search.

Think of an AirBNB listing where you are searching for a Listing (thing 1) but only Listings that contain Homes (thing 2) with a hair dryer, towels, and bed sheets included in the price.

Similar filters can be found on TURO to sort by features of a car, such as speed, year, etc:

Depending on what you’re doing exactly, you can use a repeating group’s list or the list result of a previous step to apply the filter/new search.

For example, if you want to do a search of homes (1st search) to display in a repeating group… then a filter button triggers a “display list” action, the data source wouldn’t be a new “search for”, but instead “repeating group’s list of homes :filtered” because the RG’s list is already the 1st search’s result.


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