Filter Repeating Group by multiple text values passed through via URL

I have a search page that searches for different types of properties based on their assigned categories. Each property can be assigned multiple categories.

The search button workflow passes on the different category selections via url

I need to have the results page’s repeating group show any property that has one of the selected categories assigned to it.

I’ve tried filtering properties using the advanced ‘intersect with’ to combine the multiple values passed through via URL but the repeating group only shows the first category. No additional category values are being shown.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Am I overthinking this? Is there a simple way to combine the categories selected and show them in my repeating group?

Screen shot of my current filtering of properties

Did you check the debugger to see what it is showing? it will break down your search output for you.

Also, you will have terrible performance with advanced list filters and intersects. Is there any other way you can fulfill what you want to do than this? It is hard to know how you structured things, but there may be more efficient ways.

Maybe give a bit more info about your database and we might be able to help.

thanks @troy.roberge, I checked debugger, the categories searched are correct, I don’t see any issues. I think my issue is how I have the search running in my repeating group.

My database looks like this:
Data type: Property → Fields: Categories = list of Property Categories
Under option sets: Property Categories → There are multiple categories (ex. Big, Small, Mobile…)

Does it seem like a ‘search for properties’ containing at least one of the category options would be the most efficient way to do this? Do you think there’s a better way? I guess the challenge I’m having is intersecting the category options into a single list and then having the RG display any items contained in that list.

I am running on little sleep, but I wonder if the “ANY FIELD” constraint would help you here.

Can you do something like “any field” contains “xyz about your property”?

(hope this helps… damn toddler had me up all night…)

UPDATE: I found out the problem was in the split by () option. I added a space after the comma and now it shows multiple items based on their category values. The issue now is that if the item has the exact same values as the ones selected in the search options it doesn’t show. If anyone has any suggestions I’d sooooo appreciate it.

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