How to search and match by geographic address

Hello, Im stuck. Please help.

I am currently working on a location matching tool.
Table A contains geographic address for 4 locations pre-determined by the administrator.
Table B gets the current geographic address of the user and links it to the user with a foreign key.

For each of the four geographic address displayed in RG, I want to indicate whether the user has already visited the site or not.
If the user has already visited, I would like to switch each location to the word “OK”.

Is there any way to determine if the location information in table B matches the location information determined in table A?

The contents of Table A are initially set by the administrator, but are not changed in any way once the user begins using it.

I have hardly slept for three days on this matter, so someone help me.

Hi Myko,
Thinking out of the box, could you, on page load, pass table A or B contents to a custom state list, and then do a search the checks if item in A is in the list b?

Obviously filtered for the specific user

Thanks pmanester for the quick and very constructive answer!
I’m a beginner and may stumble upon it, but let me thank you again when I get a good result.

Hey @myko ,

To achieve this, we would first store the data for Table A in a database with the data type geographic address.

For the sake of this demonstration, I will not get my location on page load but instead create two databases, one called LocationA and another called LocationB.

In this example below, you can see we have two repeating groups, one with data LocationA and the other with LocationB. I have then set a conditional statement that checks if any of LocationB 's addresses match any of `LocationA’s location

Once that is checked, we will display a match with the listed colour.

In this example, you can see that the conditional statement found a match and changed the colour to display a positive match.

This same logic can be passed along in a workflow and will allow you to check for a matching address in Table A to the user’s current location.

If you need help determining the user’s current location on page load, let me know, and I can go into detail.

AdamsITneeds, thank you so, so much!
I am sure that this must be the ideal system to create.
At least now, everything is perfect in my head, in line with the tips I received earlier.
Please continue to help me if I stumble again.

@ pmanester,@ newhorizoncode

Thanks to all of you who helped.

As a result, I have given up using RG, but I have a fully functional page thanks to your instruction on how to use custom states and when to load them.
Note that I gave up on RG because the tool was limited in the number of units it displayed as location A and there was no possibility of more, and the matching test between RGs worked as I expected.
Thank you both so much.

In addition, I would like to know if you can help me.

Currently, my page is matching the geographic address B set in the custom state with the geographic address in table A.
I have set the trigger to return yes if A=B at the time the button is pressed, but if I don’t display A and B as text respectively, the timing of the decision will be wrong and “only when” will not work.
The same thing happens if I set the text box to be hidden, but the text box itself has no function in the workflow or in Conditional.

I know my page is not perfect, but I would like to know why.
Thank you.

Can you send some screenshots if you haven’t worked it out yet?

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