RG with Serial Search

I have an app that returns a RG that shows (in the default view) a list of users based on the geo. (everyone 20miles around me).

I now want to allow a user to search that same RG, but ignore the geo constraint. (search for name=“Smith”)

How can I do this? TIA


Add a condition to the repeating group for when input X isn’t empty = data source = X.

So you’d just basically add a new data source to the repeating group.

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thanks. I can’t add anything after “X isn’t empty”

That’s all you need for your conditional statement.

Then you’d select “Select a property to change when true” … and select Data source as the option.

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hmmm. Like this (see pic)?

Isn’t working as it seems the geolocation is taking precedence over search by name or dea number even though I’ve made it When Not Empty.

when i search by name or dea, I want the search to ignore the geo constraint.


Why is the conditional current users location is not empty?

I thought it should be input Search for Doctor Name or input Search by DEA Number?


the way it works is that a user will only see docs around them by default, so that condition is kind of “fixed”. However, if they want to they can search the “entire” database by name or dea number without regard for their current location.

Right, so I’d change that condition to be “when input X isn’t empty” , and provide the new data source

That’s what it is.

Seems What I need is an “And” …When current user’s current location is not empty AND DEA number is not empty, then search doctors.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.04.50 PM