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Creating Matching Logic Workflow

Does anyone know how I can create a workflow to get my input from an address searchbox to match with a data entry also in the address format?

You would in the input put the ‘initial content’ set to the searchbox value.

to clarify I am trying to display in a repeating group the matches where i compare two locations in two different databases. I tried to use the steps described here however it returns ‘no’ as the output

@newhorizoncode doesnt this only return a yes/no

HI @shevaanjayasinghe,

That was posted almost a year ago, haha,

Yeah, I believe that post would check for information against two repeating groups and return a true or false value, yes.

@newhorizoncode haha thanks. Im trying to do this however without the FILTER inputs. Just comparing two data sets. Is this possible?

Just to confirm,

You want to take two repeating groups and compare the data sets and if a object in repeating group one matches an object in repeating group two, change the font colour for example.

close, instead of changing the color i want to display the matching data set

Oh, yes that is completely different than what I read in the original post

yes, the suggestion I gave was for the issue from the original post, not from the clarified predicament

If the type of data from both datasets is the same type, just merge them into one using a dynamic expression and merge operator, then use the :group by operator to group by address and add an aggregator of count, then use a filter after the group by operator and filter out all groupings whose count is less than 2…then where ever you want to show the address (likely in the repeating group) make the text value to display the address dynamic expression to current cell’s groupings address.

Seems like @boston85719 got this one :open_hands:

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