How to Search Any Text in Repeating Group?

Like the title states. How can I search a RG when the text I want to search for is not in the database? Is that even possible?

For example. I have the below RG setup. The “Name” column is in the RG table that the RG is referencing and that’s easy to search for but what I actually want is the user to search the “Account” name which is shown in the RG by do a search for and displaying the constraint data in that column. This is not in the referenced table so how can I search for matching text that is not in the table?

Hello @plazatm

You can do a search by pressing enter but in a different way. You need to place an input element instead of a search element and place a search button after the input element.

Note (Install Search & Autocorrect Plugin | Bubble).

Create a custom state in which your input value will get saved.

After that start a workflow on the search button. Set the value for the custom state as shown in the screenshot.

Next, you have to set the condition for the repeating group to search for the specific data the user has input. (As shown in the screenshot).

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