Searching in a RepeatingGroup (HELP!)

Hi There,

I’m new to bubble - and are struggling with a problem.

Hello ! :grinning:
I’m struggling with an issue.
I have different inputs fields to do a search in a RepeatingGroup, and it works fine … almost…
I need to have enough letters before it searches - see the pictures.
Actually, what I want it to do, it to find all “companies” with B if I search with just a B.
I have a workflow with the press of search that says, do a search in ‘databasename’. And then I have a constraint that says “Company contains input companies value” …
Anyone who has an idea of what to do or what I do wrong? :exploding_head::exploding_head: :lying_face:

I recommend you to install the “Search & Autocorrect” plugin.

Thx, actually I have already installed that - but it dont look like its fixing the problem :sweat:

Did you double check that it was installed correctly?
Here’s a video that I found helpful when installing this.

Did you try playing with the Options/Threshold parameter ?

I still pretty new in this and ‘coding’ - Do you have an ide of what will work here? :slight_smile:

It look like what i’m searching - but can’t get it working… I must play more around :slight_smile:

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