How to see / revert pending changes? (aka version control for this dummy here)

Two questions

1- Is there a way to see which changes are pending?

Besides my constant attempts to prevent myself from hurting myself, I sometimes will make a change on DEV and too much time will elapse before I push those changes into the LIVE version that I forget what was in it. It normally happens when I ask for feedback from the team and it takes a couple of days before they get back to me.

Is there a way to see the difference between what is now in DEV and what is in LIVE?

2- Reverting changes:

I always try to keep my changes small so that I can finish them and ship them. But every now and then I try something, which leads to something else, and something else… next thing you know, I am lost in my own spaghetti! How do I pull myself from the brink?

On the announcement of Version Control and it says:

It seems to be the answer to my problem, but before I go through with a rollback I wanted to be sure. So, if I would like to roll back LIVE from v2 to v1 I need to:

  1. Go to Version Control, restore to v1; DEV is now at v1
  2. Deploy that version to LIVE; LIVE is now at v1

Is it as simple as that?

To answer question 1, I handle it through my project management tool. User stories that have completed development go into a status of “delivered,” but don’t go to “finished” until I push them to live. When I have a list of things in the delivered state, I know those user stories are on Dev, but not Live.

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