Reverting to previous version now makes you resync wth live?

So - I’m sure previously you could revert to a previous time/save point/deploy and then continue on and deploy again whenever you needed to.

Now, I’ve just done a revert and wanted to push that live, but it’s saving I have changes in live I need to sync to? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point???

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Yes. I saw that come up on a very old app today.

Was a little confused !!

I thought maybe it was a Bubble version thing. So I did it, and could not see what had been updated “from live”.


This appears to be very very broken.

Made some changes. Put them live.
Backed out the changes by reverting Dev.

Now I cannot make those changes live as I have “changes in live”.
But if I sync those changes … it removes by backout.

Not a good day :frowning:

Oh. And it looks like database changes are not being reverted either.

They are still there as able to do a “restore” on the fields (as if they were deleted).

All a bit of a mess.

It should show you a list of things to compare and then you can select whether you want the dev version or live version of the change. I’m still not sure what the point of this feature is though.

Should. But doesn’t.

I know what you mean, that’s when someone else has put a branched version live.

This has no versions.


Yep pretty bad!!!

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