How to send data from Typeform to Bubble with API (Directly)

Good morning guys!

I’ve been using bubble for a month now. I’m working to create a match app between startups and investors.

So, one of the first steps (after the login and database adjustment phase) is to have a questionnaire completed. One for startups and one for investors.

I’m using Typeform for the speed of form creation and its designs.
However, I still don’t understand how to send the answers given in Typeform into Bubble’s database.
I have followed several suggestions given in both the Typeform forum and the Bubble forum. I used both the API Key and WEBHOOKS, but nothing. I looked for explanatory videos on this topic, but nothing to do.

I don’t know if you have found this problem too. But if you have found a solution, I would be very happy to learn how to do it.

Thank you!!

@romanmg from No Code Apps has a great course on APIs. Very illustrative!

There is a chapter where she actually covers Typeform with form creating calls, etc etc. It is a paid resource:

Use APIs in Your App & Integrate With 3rd Party Services


I would be tempted to use Zapier to connect the two.

Typeform can be fiddly when you change forms, and whilst it doesn’t stop you from having to redo stuff, rewiring in Zapier is probably easier.

So Trigger is New Typeform.

Action is a Webhook which is a Bubble API Workflow. Gabby has all the details (apologies if the same link as above). This one is free and shows the action process.

NoCode - Curated Tutorial - How to update your app using Zapier + Google Sheets