Can't get responses from Typeform into Bubble

(Noob here :slight_smile: )
I’m creating an app that manages recruitment quizzes.
I don’t want to recreate a full quiz app in Bubble because Typeform already does it well and it has both an existing Bubble API plugin as well as webhooks to send out form responses to any URL upon user submitting them.
The idea is to have each candidate response added to my app’s database in Bubble, so that I can offer HR managers a way to find and manage the best candidates who have responded to the quizzes.

I imagine that the ideal way is to use Typeform’s webhook to post to my Bubble app every time a user submits a form. However, the webhook needs a Destination URL and I don’t know how to get or create one for my app in Bubble, and how to make those POST requests add actual data into my app’s DB in Bubble.

I tried going another way as well, by using Bubble’s existing Typeform plugin.
I’ve installed the plugin, entered my Typeform API key, created the “all_candidates_scores” page in my bubble app (to test the connection), created a RepeatingGroup, and used the following in the Repeating groups configs:

  • Type of Field: Form Responses responses
  • Data source: Typeform - Form Responses responses (+ correct form ID, + parameter completed = true)
    Then, in each line of the repeating group, I added a few text fields and tried to pull in data using:
  • Current Cell’s Form Responses response + one of the fields available there from Typeform.

I can retrieve some metadata from my form in that RepeatingGroup, such as date_submitted, question ID, etc. But the responses themselves come in blank. The repeating group does show the correct number of lines equal to the number of my existing responses in Typeform, but nothing is pulled in those text fields.
I spent a few days already troubleshooting this by simply can’t find how to do it.
I tried to change to form responses’ questions and I can successfully pull in the question headers, but not the answers.

I need those answers into my app’s DB one way or another.
Please, anyone help me if you can.
My test app is open to the public, so you can check it out.

I’m not familiar with the Typeformplugin. Hopefully someone who is can assist there.

For the webhook approach, I believe you would have to create an API Workflow (endpoint) in Bubble (enable it settings if you have a paid account). Then use the url in Typeform for the webhook, where ‘my_endpoint’ is the name of your Bubble endpoint. Of course you would need to setup your endpoint to create a record in your Bubble db. There’s more on this here:

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Thank you louisadekoya.
I’ll try this out on the weekend.

Hi @rscestari,

I actually published this plugin, and you ran into quite an issue that I didn’t know about. The problem is that your response fields aren’t being returned by the API, instead, the ones I used to set up the plugin are. So, I’ve reached out to Bubble to see if this is just a bug or a bigger incompatibility issue, so I’ll keep you posted.

If we do get it fixed, this would be a great, direct way of accessing your data. But you DO have a couple more options:

  1. Exactly what @louisadekoya suggested
  2. Integrate the Typeform API directly into your app with the API Connector. This would be a nearly identical setup to the plugin, but you’re in a little more control over the API configuration. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to get that set up for you.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Hi @romanmg,
Thank you so much for helping me out with this.
I was going crazy with this issue.
I’m still very new to Bubble and also to working with APIs, so I though I had hit a wall with my lack of competence.
I’ll try to learn a bit more about APIs and try to set one up now.
However, if you have time to help me set it up, I would be really thankful.
Keen to learn.

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Hi @romanmg,
I managed to create my own API with Bubble’s API connector and it worked!
Thanks for the tip. This is actually fun.
I’ll have each quiz as a different form in Typeform, so I’ll probably create a few different API calls, but is all good.
Now I’ll need to find out how to work with workflows to have that call updating my DB in Bubble based on a timeframe or record ID (so it doesn’t keep updating all records from the start of time.)
Thanks so much for your help!

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@rscestari Awesome! I’m so glad to hear it :slight_smile: Yeah, this is a good API to play around with.

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Hi @rscestari! I’m having the exact same challenge right now, working with Typeform and want to get the answers into my Bubble DB.

How did you manage to do it? I’d be so grateful if you could explain me the steps.

Thank you!

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Hi @romanmg,

Do you have news from Bubble regarding your/Typform plugin ?


Hey @rscestari sorry that I’m so late to the game.

Can I get your help via screenshots on how you managed to initialise an api call using Bubble API connector?

And what URL did you use when you created the App Token in your bubble account.


is there any thing we should do before clicking detect data

when I trigger, it is just loading only nothing is happening

i have also set ON on my typeform webhooks

But in my delivery section it is showing 401 error

How can fix it up?