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How to send data to pop up

Hi all,

I’m having issues with sending the information of a listing from a repeating group to a pop up. I want the pop up to display the information related to that specified listing when a user clicks on the popup button for that listing.

Does anyone know how to do this / deal with this?

You should look at the video ‘send data to a group’. In this case, the popup behaves exactly like a group: you send data to it and it then has a parent element’s thing


Thanks Emmanuel,

I’ll give it a look and let you know how it goes.


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Saw the video and now that part works.

well played.


I want a PopUp to ADD data to an Input drop down Menu. I am having problems making a Parent/child relationship between the two elements.

Above you suggest SENDING data to the popup, but i want it to work the other way, with the popup sending data to the dropdown. Is this possible?

You can see a screen shot of the page here:

can you change the parent of the popup? it seems like it can only be the page. I need the popup’s parent to be a group on a page but can’t seem to select that.

No pop ups are at the page level. Why does it matter? You can access any groups content if it’s about data.