Passing information from page to a popup

I would like to be able to use information from elements on the page in a popup displayed by clicking a button on this same page. For example, I want to use the index of the current cell in a repeating group.


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Custom State

How do you mean?

you can use the element action Group>Display Data


Then you select the Element, in your case the popup and then Data To Display would be Current Cell´s Index (according to what you said)

Once your popup has the data you want, you can use any element in the popup to extract Parent Group´s X

you should try playing around with custom state… it syncs workflow…

well custom state the pop-up… and create relation with elements parent to child

if you explain your user case… may be give you a better example as far i know

@AlonsoC I followed as you said, but I get an error saying “Data to display should be empty but right now it is a number.”

I gotta go to lunch and will come back later. I assume you have a repeating group and when you click something within it, your pop up is displayed. So the workflow for the button that shows the popup is:

  1. Display Data in group>Popup with the data you want to send
  2. Show Popup

Start with that and I´ll come back in a bit

Yep that’s how I got it setup.

post a screenshot of the error you´re getting


Did you set the data type for the Popup the same as the Repeating Group? Also, can you post a screenshot of the Display Data action to see how you set it up?

It seems to be working now. Thanks for all the help!

you´re welcome!