How to send dynamic page title from source page link to destination page

I have a list of games on my home page - all Links for SEO purpose - and when users click on these links, details of the respective game open on Game detail page. The game detail page already shows the respective game details like in URL & on page data type (thing).

Except that the page title still shows:

it should be either one of the below:

At least should this show my global settings below?

Can someone help with this page title issue? Its hurting my SEO really bad.

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I used to get faster response here earlier…is bubblers getting allured elsewhere? :slight_smile:

I just checked your page source code, and the correct meta description is showing up.

So it’s just a case of letting Google recrawl your site. It can take weeks for Google to recrawl you pages (depending on how well they’re optimised for indexing, as well as many other factors), so it might be an idea to request a recrawl which might help speed up re-indexing.


I googled - looks like it is doing what you want now?

Also - this might help you with prompting Google to re-index your site;

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Did you figure it out yourself? Curious about what you did since I’m stuck at the same issue.